Zisheng uses visual communication skills, photography, and media technology, to promote intercultural communications and “translate” the beauty of nature for people interested in exploring the world.


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"This exhibition is the first to explore the role of empresses in shaping China’s last dynasty- the Qing dynasty - from 1644 to 1912. Nearly 200 spectacular objects from the Palace Museum tell the little-known stories of how imperial women influenced court politics, art, and religion."

                                                            - Peabody Essex Museum

In 2018, my team and I were honored to have the opportunity to interview Yiyou wang, the curator of Chinese and East Asian art at Peabody Essex Museum, and to produce promotional videos for them. This exhibition provides an excellent solution for the cross-culture exhibition, including the establishment of interactive scenarios and localized presentation of exhibits. At the same time, although this exhibition is located in the United States, we hope that Chinese audiences can also appreciate this wonderful exhibition through our video, and we also hope to make a small contribution to the cultural exchanges between China and the United States.