Zisheng uses visual communication skills, photography, and technology, to promote intercultural communications and “translate” the beauty of nature for people interested in exploring the world.


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When I was born in Lanzhou, China, in 1998, I spent 16 years in this little, undeveloped city. But I do appreciate this simple and peaceful place to nurture me. My interest in photography began when I started taking pictures on my iPhone 4. Many take this device for granted nowadays when considering how much it has seeped into everyday culture, but I knew it was the next generation of photography. I am also interested in studying new forms that capitalize on the media’s intersection with computer science. As people’s perception of color, people make great efforts to explore and understand these ordinary things. From Issac Newton’s dispersion experiment to Young-Helmholtz’s trichromatic theory of color vision to the brilliant colors we see on the monitor. We are using science to approach the truth of things. So when I use these scientific and digital tools to create art, the results are closer to the essence of objectivity. So the idea of exploring the natural beauty of the world has always inspired me to learn and explore.